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Victorian Tiling: A Timeless Elegance

Welcome to Apex Tilers, the best place to go for stunning Victorian tiling services that will make your space look more elegant and charming over time.

Victorian Tiling

Apex Tilers is a well-known, trustworthy, and skilled Victorian tiling services provider. Our  tiling company specialises in Victorian flooring for areas like fireplace hearths, front paths, outside steps, and halls inside homes. We offer various services, including commercial and residential tiling, wet rooms, brick slips, Victorian tiling, patterns and features, and more. We have built a strong reputation in the cutthroat UK’s tile market since 2007. 

We always stayed committed to providing excellent service, being dependable, and following the law’s health and safety rules. For this reason, Apex Tilers should be your first choice if you need a Victorian tile service that you can trust, completes the job well, and doesn’t cost a fortune. To begin, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away.

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UK's Premier Victorian Tiling Provider

Apex Tilers covers renovating old paving, installing new floors, or cleaning existing tiles. Each floor is hand-laid, making each installation unique to the individual specifications and preferences. Four coats of sealer are put on each installation’s finished floor. 

We are among the largest provider of Victorian tiling and slabs in UK. With an extensive catalogue and design consultation, we are professionals at providing attractive tile designs for residential and commercial properties. You may discover a lot of inspiration on our website, which we can use and modify to create and complete your purchase.

Reliable Installations For Victorian Tiling

Our Victorian tiling installers are skilled professionals who work with clients and businesses all over the UK. Over the years, we’ve worked with some well-known businesses on commercial tiling projects all over the country. 

As part of our hands-on approach, our committed supervisors keep an eye on every task we finish and ensure we uphold the highest safety and quality standards. With the help of our team’s years of expertise and knowledge, we work within a range of timetables and budgets to ensure that every project is finished on time, on target, and to a high standard.

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Transform Your Home with Classic Victorian Tiling Floor

Before you think about the colour scheme and choosing a pattern that goes with the Victorian tiles, you need to decide where you want to put them. Of course, your personal preferences also play a role.

We are known for our Victorian tiling flooring, which has strong geometric patterns and a striking look. They are tiny tiles that are placed to create a pattern that repeats. Tiles from the Victorian era look fantastic in both old and new buildings. In their geometric patterns, they often use square, diamond, octagon, and rectangle forms. Professionals at Apex Tilers can help you find and install traditional tile designs that look good on historic structures. In several rooms of your home, we can make the classic flooring that you see in Victorian and Edwardian homes look exactly as stunning.

We offer a complete installation service and are skilled at repairing modern ceramic, porcelain, glass and natural stone tiles.

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