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Apex Tilers: Where your commercial tiling dreams become reality, adding sophistication and value to your workspace.


Apex Tilers: Bespoke Commercial Tilers FOR YOU

Apex Tilers is using new ideas and styles to change the way commercial tiling is done. When it comes to commercial tiling services in London UK, we’ve worked on everything from shops to business buildings. As well-known tilers, we combine good looks with usefulness by creating custom tile solutions that make your office space better. We are dedicated to providing the best tiling services, and we promise that your place will be changed, not just tiled. Hire Apex Tilers for a service that combines quality and new ideas, making every inch of your business space look sophisticated and professional.

Services: Crafting Elegance, One Tile at a Time

Long-Lasting Commercial Tiling Services

Apex Tilers stands out in the field of commercial tiling in UK due to our superior installation and repair services. Our commercial tiling services are intended to improve the longevity and look of your commercial property. Our team of expert commercial tilers London understands the demands of commercial environments and ensures that every tile is put in with precision and care. From the initial consultation to the final touch-up, we are committed to delivering flawless results that will stand the test of time.

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High-Quality Commercial Tiling Techniques

Our commercial tiling procedure demonstrates our attention to detail and craftsmanship. As leading tilers, we begin each project with a careful assessment of your area and needs. The use of premium materials and cutting-edge tiling techniques follows this meticulous planning. Our commercial tiling services are carried out with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a seamless finish that precisely matches your brand’s image and ethos.

Unmatched Commercial Tiling Quality: Apex’s Promise

Our commitment to quality and competence in commercial tiling services is constant. Our commercial tilers have years of expertise and are prepared with the skills and knowledge to tackle projects of any size and complexity. Being among the top commercial tiling contractors, we only use the best materials and uphold the highest standards, guaranteeing that our business tiling services not only meet but surpass your expectations. Trust us to provide a finish that is not only visually appealing but also long-lasting and functional.

Apex Tilers: Your Tiling Experts

Our tiling design and customisation services set us apart. Apex Tilers specialises in providing bespoke tiling solutions, such as Victorian tiling, brick slips, and custom patterns, for both commercial and residential settings. Our tilers collaborate with you to understand your idea and make it a reality with tiles that reflect the personality of your brand. Whether you want a classic look or a modern design, our tiling services will make your area stand out with its own personality and flair.

How long does it take to tile 20 square meters?

When it comes to tiling 20 square meters, it usually takes around 2-3 days. But it varies based on tile size, layout complexity, and experience. Smaller tiles or straightforward layouts might finish quicker, while larger tiles or intricate patterns could take a bit more time. Remember, quality work takes time, but it’s totally worth it for a flawless finish.

Pro Tips for Maintaining Commercial Tiling

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of your commercial tiling. Regular cleaning plays a pivotal role – a mild detergent and warm water constitute a simple yet effective cleaning regimen. This not only removes dirt and spills but also maintains the tiles’ pristine appearance. Stubborn stains may require a specialised tile cleaner designed to eliminate blemishes without compromising the integrity of the tiles.

Additionally, sealing the grout is essential to prevent moisture penetration and uphold the tiles’ structural integrity. In cases where damages occur, prompt professional intervention ensures the sustained immaculateness and longevity of your commercial space’s tiling.

Swift Installation Timelines for Commercial Tiling

Commercial tiling installation typically spans approximately 1-2 weeks. However, this timeline is subject to variations based on diverse factors. Space dimensions, tile type, intricacy of the design, and the intricacies of the commercial environment all contribute to this timeframe.Smaller spaces might conclude installation more swiftly, while larger or more intricate areas require a more comprehensive installation process. Our team at Apex Tilers is dedicated to executing efficient yet meticulous work, ensuring a timely and top-quality outcome for your business establishment’s tiling needs.

What do professionals clean tile and grout with?

Cleaning tiles and grout needs a good approach. Pros often use a mix of mild detergent and warm water for regular cleaning. For tougher stains, specialised tile and grout cleaners are the go-to. These cleaners work wonders without causing damage, ensuring your tiles and grout stay sparkling clean.

What is the 3-4-5 rule for laying tile?

The 3-4-5 rule is a nifty trick for ensuring your tiles are laid out straight and square. Here’s the deal: Start at one corner and measure 3 feet along one wall, mark it. Then, measure 4 feet along the other wall, mark it too. Finally, when you measure diagonally between these two marks, it should be 5 feet if your tiles are laid perfectly square. This method guarantees your tiles align correctly, making your space look neat and tidy. Apex Tilers and many other tiling contractors use this method and many others to ensure accuracy and precision in the tiling process.

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Your Brilliant Picks for Commercial Tiling

When it comes to commercial tiling, choosing the right tiles is crucial. For durability and versatility, porcelain and ceramic tiles stand out as prime choices. They offer a blend of resilience and an extensive range of designs, perfectly catering to diverse commercial aesthetics. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek modern look or a more traditional feel, these tiles have got you covered. Moreover, they effortlessly endure heavy foot traffic, maintaining their allure and functionality even in high-traffic areas.

Looking for a touch of sophistication combined with practicality? Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are an exceptional choice. These tiles replicate the elegance of wood or stone but boast enhanced durability and resilience, making them an ideal solution for commercial settings seeking style and durability in one package. You can find these and many other styles at Apex Tilers.

Why Choose Apex Tilers For Commercial Tiling?

When you choose Apex Tilers, you get the most excellent commercial tiling provders in UK. We blend creative flair with unparalleled craftsmanship to become the city’s premier tiling company. Our knowledge of various tiling styles ensures that every project reflects quality and beauty. Being among the top commercial tiling services providers, we are committed to transforming your spaces through our bespoke tiling solutions, making us the obvious choice for those looking for perfection in every tile laid. Trust us to add elegance and durability to your space. 

Get in Touch with Apex Tilers

Apex Tilers is just a call or an email away for all your tiling needs in UK. Contact us at 0845 621 98 98, 0746 3030 359, or 020 3519 8007 to discuss your project, schedule a consultation, or get a quote. You can also reach out to us via email at for any inquiries or to arrange a bespoke service tailored to your requirements. Our team is dedicated to providing prompt and efficient assistance, ensuring your tiling project is a seamless and satisfying experience.

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